Tuesday, March 22, 2005

After a weekend of doubting God's goodness, his ability to provide, He graciously reminded me on Sunday night that he is God and I am not. He reminded me just how small I am in fact and just how large he is. I saw the "otherness" of God and was reminded that he really isn't like us at all. And I found myself saying sorry for making him small and me big. And I felt the peace that comes when you realise your smallness. Suddenly trying to do God's job for him seems silly and you hand the job over and wonder when you decided to make it your job in the first place! I decided to let God be God!

And then today.... as I wondered how I was going to pay for my flight from Pemba to Jo'burg and my visa, cos you can't get one without the other, God reminded me of his bigness. I checked the statement of my Mozambique account and it was considerably more than I thought it was and just the right amount to cover these initial costs! I even discovered a savings account from 3 years ago that I had completely forgotten about......


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