Monday, May 09, 2005

I feel like I have been on holiday for the last week, it's been beautiful! I went to Sheffield for a few days to hang with my friend fi and went to a conference at St Toms where Rolland and Heidi Baker were speaking. It actually blew me away. On the first night Heidi spoke, I ran to the front in response to a call she made and after being "overshadowed" by the Holy Spirit as heidi calls it, which meant hysterical laughter for about an hour, God took me back to certain events in my life and showed me how how he has been preparing me all along for this. he also showed me stuff about his call for the future, which wasn't what I was expecting but kind of makes sense. hearing about what God is doing in Mozambique and all over Africa, I felt like I was coming home and it was like Jesus said, "you see now? you see why I have prepared you in the way that I have?!" And I am sure he has only showed me not even a glimpse of what he has for me.

The level of annointing that the bakers have made me wonder how much time must they spend just hangin out with Jesus? I came home on Friday, already feeling like a different person and wondering what I will be like after 3 months, scary.
I then spent a joyous weekend with my friends in Suffolk who I haven't seen for couple of years but as is always the case with real friends, that never matters. And I was reminded while I was there about an illustration I had been shown when I was about 16 at a youth event and just how much that simple illustration bears on my life now. A member of the audience was asked to place the end of a ythread of cotton between his first finger and his thumb. the cotton reel was then wound all round the room until eventually the supply of cotton was no more. The illustrator then informed the audience that the length of cotton held between the fingers of the volunteer represented the length of our lives and the rest of the thread as it zig zagged across the room was eternity. The point was that we have the smallest, most miniscule amount of time to influence eternity. I decided then, sat on the floor of that church, that my short time on earth was going to influence hugely my eternity and that I was going to start now, not wait because time is short. And I guess God reminded me of that decision this weekend as I am about to enter a totally different stage of life, and I reconfirmed that decsion to make it count. I am not interested in Christianity if it is just an addition to my other wise material centred lifestyle. I want it to change all of me and take me to places I would never have dreamed of going. Here's to the adventure!


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