Thursday, May 19, 2005

I went to see the film "Hotel Rwanda" last night and it wrecked me. The film marks the story of a hotel manager and his family at the outbreak of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. This guy ends up buying the lives of 1128 people and helping them escape.

What totally got me was when all the people from western nations were being evacuated out of the country, and France and Belgum had sent troops to enable the evacuation. Soon it became apparent that the troops weren't there to help the rwandans but purely to ensure their white counterparts left the country safely. The UN commander stands in disbelief as he realises that this is the case and turns to the hotel manager and says, " They're not going to help you. To them your nothing. Your not even a nigger, you're an African, you're nothing."

This wrecked me completely. And I thought why is this the case? It would seem that the value of human life does have a price tag on it. Call me cynical but had there been monetry benefit in helping Rwanda the west would have intervened. But instead the western world stood by as millions were slaughtered. It made me ashamed to be the colour I am and from the nation I am.

I could completely go off on one about it, it made me sick. And it reminded me that there is a time coming when it won't matter what colour i am or what passport I have none of that will save me, only which eternal destiny I have chosen.

On a lighter note(!)........... 1 week to go!


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