Friday, May 13, 2005

Something happened to me this evening, the nature of which doesn't usually happen to me, yet I should expect it to with the size of the God that I have. I realised earlier that I was still short of quite abit of money to take to Mozambique and to cover bills here. I returned to Southampton today and got back to my house late tonight and found some post on my bed. The first envelope I opened was a cheque for a considerable amount of money and exactly what I needed to cover the remainder of my costs. It was like the money had literally dropped out of heaven, I cried... alot!

Why do I not expect of my God, who loves me more than I could ever imagine to provide for me in the way that he has promised? I am still overwhelmed when God shows just how much he loves me and is concerned about me. All through this preperation process God has surprised me at every turn and I find myself whispering, "God, that you would do that for me?" I have no idea of the depth and tangible nature of God's love for me. I guess its just something I have the joy of discovering as I journey. And yet I still feel overwhelmed.


At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ickle lozza has impacted my life more than just about any other person I've known. Her infectious love of life and God leave a mark on all who come into contact with her. Keep reading this blog. It may change your life.


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