Friday, June 17, 2005

I am devastated. I wrote a massive long post last sunday and I just checked today and it didn't publish, gutted! Apologies to everyone waiting on news and had none! Thanks so much for the emails peeps, really appreciate them, am sorry but don't think I am going to be able to reply cos only have a ridiculously small amount of time on internet, but keep them coming, its great to hear all your news, miss yas!

Stuff here right now is awesome but somewhat overwhelming. I am realising just how much God has to do in me that it would be easy to sink into a pit of "God, how are you ever going to change me" and then he reminds me that he is God and I am not, always good! I am humbled more than I ever thought possible. The Mozambiquan pastors I meet have a deeper, more real spirituality after being Christians for a couple of weeks than I think I may ever have. What radiates here is simplicity, simplicity of the gospel, the simplicity of what we are called to, we really make it too complicated.

We did outreach last night in a village that has never heard the name of jesus. It was awesome. The prescence of the Holy Spoirit was heavy in that place, lots of people became Christians and many people got healed. One girl was deaf and then Jesus restored her hearing. It is like an open heaven over this place, Jesus and the angels just show up all the time.

Guys, I don't know where to start. I am being wrecked to the core and biggest prayer is that I don't come back the same. There seems so much to press further and further into God, I am realising that there is so much of him to consume so little me. I feel really frustrated, I want to try and explain it all but am failing miserably. I think I will just blog bits of my journal from now on, snippets is better than mumbling!

Major Africa low point that rates at number one of low points, vomiting and diarrhoea at the same time on a latrine!! I actually had to laugh, it was possiby the most disgusting experience of my life!

Please pray against malaria for me, lots of people are getting it and my anti-malarials are making me so sick I have to stop taking them. Feel peaceful about it but protection would be good!
Please also pray that God would just continue to take me further and deeper in, I don't know how right now but I'm well hungry.

Gonna have to run, sorry this is so mumbled, will blog again soon with some more useful info!
Miss yiu all so much, hope you all good x x

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Loz In Moz
Hello people!
It actually feels like it has been a lifetime since I left, and I have just waited for 3 hours to use the internet, access to computers here is lacking!

The last two weeks is hard to put into words. We had a few days after we arrived before school started and even in those days I was blown away. pemba is the most beautiful place and a holiday destination most people would die for, feel a bit cheeky being here on missions! We had a worship meeting the day after I arrived and some of the children from Iris prayed with us. A six year old little girl came to pray for me and whispered "fresh fire" and as she did so the annointing hit me and I was gone in the Holy Spirit, I have never felt so safe in the arms of a six year old and humbled beyond all imaginings.

The mozambiquan pastors are awesome, some have been saved for two weeks and have an anointing I could only dream about. They have joined us for the school and we learn together which also humbles me ridiculously. I have to admit I completely had no idea how much God wants to wreck me and change me these three months, its like He was saying, "you had no idea, hehe!"

There is really an open heaven over this area, miracles happen on every outreach. A friend of mine prayed for a girl of 6 who was blinded with cataracts and by the time they left, she could see the colours of their shirts, we are now more surprised when people don't get healed.

Adapting to American culture was more of a challlenge than Africa, but they are awesome and really inspirational, I'm living in a house with beautiful girlies, but we don't have electricity yet and we are embracing the latrines, there have been quite a few comedy moments! I think the Americans find us Brits quite quirky.

Heidi's sessions challenge me ridiculously, I think she is no holes barred here and you know that she has walked everything she is preaching which makes it even more hardcore, she is teaching a series on the beattitudes, wrecking!

I feel like its impossible to describe whats been happening, its reallt frustrating! Thanks so much everyone for emailing and texting, truly beautiful to hear from all of you, will try and call soon!

Please pray, God is really speaking some exciting stuff and I just want to make sure I hear him right!
Pray that he continues to wreck me.
Pray, as spiritual warfare is intense, I had some stuff stolen and Iris have been presented with a bill for our houses for $200,000 dollars that they were not expecting, we are expecting God for a miracle on that one.

Overall I feel awesomely humbled and priveleged that God brought me here, please just pray that He has his way in all things while I am here, learning so much!!
stay in touch, apologies if you don't get a reply to emails, will try and text instead cos more available.