Friday, June 17, 2005

I am devastated. I wrote a massive long post last sunday and I just checked today and it didn't publish, gutted! Apologies to everyone waiting on news and had none! Thanks so much for the emails peeps, really appreciate them, am sorry but don't think I am going to be able to reply cos only have a ridiculously small amount of time on internet, but keep them coming, its great to hear all your news, miss yas!

Stuff here right now is awesome but somewhat overwhelming. I am realising just how much God has to do in me that it would be easy to sink into a pit of "God, how are you ever going to change me" and then he reminds me that he is God and I am not, always good! I am humbled more than I ever thought possible. The Mozambiquan pastors I meet have a deeper, more real spirituality after being Christians for a couple of weeks than I think I may ever have. What radiates here is simplicity, simplicity of the gospel, the simplicity of what we are called to, we really make it too complicated.

We did outreach last night in a village that has never heard the name of jesus. It was awesome. The prescence of the Holy Spoirit was heavy in that place, lots of people became Christians and many people got healed. One girl was deaf and then Jesus restored her hearing. It is like an open heaven over this place, Jesus and the angels just show up all the time.

Guys, I don't know where to start. I am being wrecked to the core and biggest prayer is that I don't come back the same. There seems so much to press further and further into God, I am realising that there is so much of him to consume so little me. I feel really frustrated, I want to try and explain it all but am failing miserably. I think I will just blog bits of my journal from now on, snippets is better than mumbling!

Major Africa low point that rates at number one of low points, vomiting and diarrhoea at the same time on a latrine!! I actually had to laugh, it was possiby the most disgusting experience of my life!

Please pray against malaria for me, lots of people are getting it and my anti-malarials are making me so sick I have to stop taking them. Feel peaceful about it but protection would be good!
Please also pray that God would just continue to take me further and deeper in, I don't know how right now but I'm well hungry.

Gonna have to run, sorry this is so mumbled, will blog again soon with some more useful info!
Miss yiu all so much, hope you all good x x


At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Zoe G said...

Hi Laura,

Sounds like God is doing amazing work in you and all of Moz! Still reading There is Always Enough, awesome reading! Am so proud of you and praying for you often. Will try and get your phone no so can text you your results on friday! Hope you're feeling better and the D&V has stopped.

Love Zoe xxxxxxx

At 11:47 AM, Blogger graham said...

cheers for the call lau,
your are legend :)
i dont think you need worry about being the same when you come back, you 've got some hardcore Jesus over there, so watered down western junk ain't ever gonna be good enough anymore :)

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Rachel said...

WOAH....Lau....can i come over now???!!! Things are sounding AMAZING!!! Am praying lots for both you and Helen!! (give her many hugs from us!)
Such a joke, I LOVE IT!!! Keep pushing in beanie...

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Zoe Zoe said...

Laura Laura!
I miss you!!
Sounds like you are having an incredible time and are of course being fully "wrecked for the normal" - love it. You are gonna have some stories to tell when you get back. Sounds like you are so in the right place.
Love you lots little one.
Zoe (and baggins)

At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Rae said...

check you out in Africacacaca.. Did you have to run for the toilet at the end of that post? poor you..looks like prunes weren't really the right choice of medication for you after all..ah dear! Just moved out of soton cottage..def no more roof top nights..Had a fun evening of reminiscing & confessing stolen chocolate & shower gel.. Missed you! Don't get too wrecked..i still need your feet on the ground to sort me out when u get back..have fun dude xxx

At 1:36 PM, Blogger emjay said...

well babe,
will keep the prayers going. will try and email you soon, but crazy here too. i love you and totally know that there isn't the slightest possibility that you will come back the same as you are already different!
feel like you just need to take authority over the sickness and tell it to go... if God is healing deaf ears then I'm sure He can cancel out d and v too.
love you ,

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous lex said...

laura...having read some of the comments from other people am i right in thinking that you have rung graham am not me?!! Gutted!! (as you've probably figured I do have a little too much time on my hands, desperately avoiding getting a job!). Glad you are having such an amazing time, miss you chicks
lex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At 6:34 PM, Blogger mallorypaige said...

Oh, my sweewt Laura...I miss you so much girlie! I cannot wait to see you in October...things back in Nashville are going well. Norberto and I are still struggling but this situation in its entirety is in our Father's hands. I've been able to find rest and restoration and healing in my Daddy's arms...James and Michal Ann are counseling me through this process. We've had some amazing times of revelation and discernment. I can't wait to you are back in Oxford so we can talk! I miss you so much...just move to Nashville ok?!??!?! I LOVE YOU GIRL!

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