Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The land that breaks beyond our dreams......

There are moments when it really is as if a window of heaven has opened and we can almost sense that the angels are joining in, at that moment heaven and earth are fused. We are citizens of heaven and we are heading for the land that breaks beyond our dreams..........

The land that breaks beyond our dreams has crocuses that do not dip below the earth of winter,
And it is their mood there which makes the petals cup in prayer or spread with joy.
The land that breaks beyond our dreams only breathes the virgin air of itself
And the roaming rainbows of its ribbon afternoons
When the birdsong scoops the too long dead from our mean untidy graves.

The land that breaks beyond our dreams is where the drained begin to leap
And the faint rustle of the butterflies waltz is enough to kneel you deep, tame with yourself and sluiced of all your woes.

The land that breaks beyond our dreams......... where all the glory comes beside us and surging shoals of daffodils surf across an ocean or even a cloud.
That will be when there is no more proud, and the missing, the mad and the cowed
Will know how to sing descant with the Voice behind the nightingale.


Friday, August 12, 2005

Yesterday Guy Chevreau ( check out his booh "Turnings: The Kingdom of God and the western world") talked about the gift of the poor, then God showed me it. Here's a bit of my journal.....

I stood around at the end of the meeting and watched the craziness of the kids running around while people lay out on the grass mats being touched by Holy Spirit. I felt God say "remeber this" and something in my spirit began to break. I started to cry and had my arms around a street boy's shoulders. I went and knelt on the mats and wept big stylie. Then I felt a little hand on my back. It was the boy I had been holding, a street boy who doesn't know Jesus, yet he was pouring himself out on me. Then I opened my eyes and saw a four year old little girl, also from the street, look straight into my eyes and wipe away my tears. She did it with such care and attention to make sure all was ok.

I was completely undone.

Today was impartation day, as in what Elijah did to Elisha, the passing on of the annointing.
Pastor Surpresa, who has been used by God to raise a number of people from the dead, was doing the impartation along with Heidi. He touched my head to begin to pray and it was like a lightening bolt literally came from heaven and I was flung backwards so hard my shoes broke! It felt like currents of power ran through my body as I lay on the floor. I got up dazed and confused but never having experienced anything like it. Awesome.

God has shown me that the desire he placed in me as a teenager to live with the poor is now the only option for me. Its all I want to do. I feel like He is saying now is the time to go and do all the things I have ever dreamed of. God is commissioning me and saying, "Go, you are free to fly"

On reflection this quite possibly has been the most amazing 3 months of my life. I have seen and learnt about and experienced the heart of God in a way not possible anywhere else.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh my goodness! How long since my last post! Internet access interesting.....

What is dominating the conversation right now is "You know you are in Pemba when......."

When getting ready to go out means wiping your face with a baby wipe..

When you find a spider baked into your roll and you just rip it out and eat the rest.....

When you are cutting your toenails on your bunk....

When the topic of conversation amounts to how full the latrine is...

When you are not sure if you have a tan or you are just dirty....

When washing your clothes means to make them smell better but have no expectation that they will be clean at the end of it....

Just a few delights not counting living in a place that has open heaven and miracles happen every day!

God continues to break me out of a million boxes, far too many to write for now but will blog when I return... so much to tell!!!

Love you all lots, thanks so much for the comments peeps, can't wait to speak soon, back on the 19th hurray!