Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The land that breaks beyond our dreams......

There are moments when it really is as if a window of heaven has opened and we can almost sense that the angels are joining in, at that moment heaven and earth are fused. We are citizens of heaven and we are heading for the land that breaks beyond our dreams..........

The land that breaks beyond our dreams has crocuses that do not dip below the earth of winter,
And it is their mood there which makes the petals cup in prayer or spread with joy.
The land that breaks beyond our dreams only breathes the virgin air of itself
And the roaming rainbows of its ribbon afternoons
When the birdsong scoops the too long dead from our mean untidy graves.

The land that breaks beyond our dreams is where the drained begin to leap
And the faint rustle of the butterflies waltz is enough to kneel you deep, tame with yourself and sluiced of all your woes.

The land that breaks beyond our dreams......... where all the glory comes beside us and surging shoals of daffodils surf across an ocean or even a cloud.
That will be when there is no more proud, and the missing, the mad and the cowed
Will know how to sing descant with the Voice behind the nightingale.



At 4:14 PM, Blogger mallorypaige said...

I love your heart...I admire your heart.

I miss you friend! I hope and pray we can see each other soon...

Want to travel the world next summer? Make a documentary...What is God doing around the world?

I'll call you soon.

Your dear friend-

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Already its been too long, am getting a phone card so I can cal you and chat properly, hurray!

Hw much would I love to travel the world next summer.........


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